12 Best Wedding Tent Ideas

March 7, 2014
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12 Best Wedding Tent Ideas

Having your wedding underneath large tents can be so romantic. It may sound very ‘outdoorsie’ but with the perfect types of decor the tent can set the mood of the reception and complete your design and color scheme, making the space not only comfortable and beautiful. Add fabric drapery to bring in more textures and color. The fabric should be draped to the ceiling edge and allowed to hang to the floor. Add some unexpected lighting such as chandeliers. By using different lighting, you will create an elegant atmosphere, and still bring in romance and sophistication. Wedding tents not only protect you and your guests from the elements of the outdoors, but it creates an intimate setting, however you choose to decorate your space. For more inspirations check out the 12 best wedding tent ideas.

Tantalizing Tents

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