Five Outrageously Entertaining Wedding Ideas

October 25, 2015
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Five Outrageously Entertaining Wedding Ideas

Weddings are usually very simple affairs – a reception at a church, a big cake, and a waltz in a shabby, rented out ballroom. Or a quickie Vegas ceremony that no one is sober enough to remember the next day. That’s the norm we see presented to us by the media day to day, but why on earth would any couple subject themselves to such a boring, penny-pinching experience on what is supposed the most important day of their lives? Here are some interesting ideas to help spice up the traditional wedding experience (or even turn it completely on its head!) and make it truly unforgettable.

1. Have Your Waiters WEAR Their Trays
There is a big new trend today in catered waiting services for special events called Living Tables. These elaborate costumed set-pieces allow your hum-drum waiting staff to be placed in the center of a transportable table outfitted with any snacks and drinks of your choosing. Living tables come in a wide variety of themes, so feel free to personalize your wedding experience to your heart’s content.

2. Food, Food, Food!
There are near endless possibilities for a creative catering service to spice up a wedding. Place food-trucks around an outdoor reception for an unforgettably quirky and unique experience (talk about an after party!). Toss away the traditional, high brow culinary delights for more unusual, kid friendly diversions – comically oversized pancakes and Jell-O sculptures! Why constrain your wedding experience with a dull, conservative menu?

3. Fire Dancers!
Another way to push your wedding over the edge is with a host of beguiling fire dancers. These incredible performers will surely place near the top among your wedding photographer’s highlight reel. Performances range from furious displays of acrobat inferno to more subtle, ethereal and dreamlike performances for a more romantic atmosphere. Perfect for outdoor venues and sure to dazzle children and adults alike, you really can’t go wrong with fire dancing. To learn more about fire dancing check out Spark Fire Dance. We also have this awesome video:

4. Celebrity Impersonators
Wouldn’t you like to entertain your guests with the legendary comic styling of George Burns? Or how about an uproarious verbal thrashing in and out of the kitchen by Gordon Ramsay? Unless you’ve got friends in mighty high places (and your very own voodoo practitioner) you don’t have much of a chance of making something like that happen. That’s where celebrity impersonators come in. For a fraction of the budget it would take to afford the real ones, you could hire a slew of actors creating the illusion of their authentic counterparts. For an added bonus, you could incorporate your counterfeit celebrities into…

5. Live Action Theater!
Take your wedding to the next level with fully choreographed performances brimming with action, drama, comedy, and excitement. Have the bride and groom’s favorite actors fight to the “death” in front of their table! For a more adventurous crowd, get Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and a host of extras to create a spectacular fight scene. Everybody was kung-fu fighting – literally!

Spark Fire Dance

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