Great Gift For Boys

December 30, 2015
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Great Gift For Boys

Looking for the perfect gift for the young boys in your wedding party. “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox” in hardback makes the perfect forever keepsake. Be sure to personalize each book with a message of appreciation from the presenter to the recipient on the inside cover.

It is also great for boys in attendance at Weddings, Quinceañeras, Bar Mitvahs, Proms and other important life events. If a child has mastered the tricky task of tying their shoe laces, they’re ready to have fun learning to tie a tie with the rabbit and the fox. This beautifully illustrated story book is based on the age old tale of a very hungry fox chasing a frightened little rabbit through the forest in pursuit of dinner!

Around a tree, under a bush and over a log they go, until the rabbit just barely escapes the fox’s snapping jaws, into the safety of his cozy burrow.

Boys love action and adventure and will enjoy following along with the movements of the chase while learning the steps of tying a necktie. By the time the rabbit is safely tucked away, even the very youngest child can proudly point to their neatly knotted tie saying, “Look what I’ve done!” There’s no greater accomplishment for a young one than conquering feats requiring manual dexterity. Who knows… the little guy might even use his newly acquired skill to help out an older gent! How’s that for building self-esteem?

Great Gift For Boys

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