1 Month Wedding Fitness Plan

November 30, 2016
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Reach Your Weight Goals With This 1 Month Wedding Fitness Plan

Many women embark on health and fitness plans before their weddings. They usually do so in order to look as good as possible in their wedding gowns. If you’re interested in boosting fitness and becoming your best self before you get married, you’re definitely not alone and we are here to help you make it happen.

Without further ado, let’s talk about how to reach your weight goals with this 1 month wedding fitness plan. Also, you may want to buy a mat that you can perform exercises on.

Track Your Progress

To begin the program, note your current weight. You should keep a diary as you go, as it will allow you to track changes in your body. Some women keep measurements of their waists, thighs and arms. It’s up to you how comprehensive your tracking will be. Alternatively, another option is taking digital photos in your workout gear once per week, try to take them at the same time, day and angle each week to see consistent progress.

Exercise To Perform

Now, you should focus on doing twenty minutes of aerobic exercise several times a week. Aerobic exercises like running is a good idea, as it burns a lot of calories and tones the body. As well, aerobics classes that are commonly run in gyms, can also be a fun and effective way to exercise and burn calories.

Any cardio exercise which raises the heart rate is probably the most effective type of exercise to do during the month before your wedding, as its intense enough to spark quick changes in the body. However, any type of exercise will work, from taking the stairs instead of the lift to cycling, jogging and beyond.

Clean Up Your Diet

In addition to sticking to your workouts, you should consider cleaning up your diet. This is about getting the processed food out of your daily diet. As well as cutting out the junk and focusing on fresh and healthy foods, you should limit carbs if you’re interested in losing weight.

In general, staying away from white bread, white pasta and white rice will be very helpful. These foods are refined and don’t offer the nutrients of whole-grain breads, pastas and brown rice. Overall, cutting all carbs is probably the quickest way to lose weight before a wedding. It does work, although it requires a bit of discipline. If you’re working out, eating half a cup of good carbs a couple of times per day should be ok, as you’ll need the fuel. Additionally, I have found some weight loss supplements to work in synergy with a good diet. In particular, the fat burner known as Body Effects helps with energy and appetite control while raising the body’s metabolic rate. This is especially helpful during the last month of dieting where you need a little bit of support to get you through.

Eat More Protein Packed Meals

Make sure that you get enough protein while you are training. Protein will help the recovery and toning process of muscle. But, be aware that muscle weighs more than fat, so consider how good your body looks, rather than your weight alone. Muscle is sexy and can help define a fit and gorgeous look.

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